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=================== Charlemagne ROADMAP ===================

:Web site: :Project page: :Author: Bob Green :Email: bob underscore green at speakeasy dot net

This is the tentative schedule for major functionality that will be added to major releases categorized by release number. The miscellaneous category contains items for which it has not been decided when or if they will be implemented. This schedule is loose, so if anyone wants to contribute, feel free to work on these out of order.

--- 1.x ---

  • Initial release

--- 2.x ---

  • Distutils distribution, install Interactive session support Interactive help system integrated with docstrings in code. * Much improved documentation

--- 3.x ---

  • Cross-platform support (Windows, OS X, etc.) wxPython interface. Threaded processes.

--- 4.x ---

  • Migration/Immegration - Migration will pave the way for parallel processing. Libevocosm has a nice API for this that I would like to emulate. It consists of an abstract Migrator class and an abstract Immegrator class. Implematations of these could use different methods of achieving this, but presumably concrete Migrators and Immegrators would operate in functional pairs.

  • Parallel processing support (directory-based?, xml-rpc based?)

------------- Miscellaneous -------------

  • Inline C++ w/ weave or similar for massive performance gains.

  • Scipy support/integration/dependance?

  • Roulette wheel selection -I've never felt totally comfortable with my selection method. Libevocosm implements a RouletteWheel for selection. This probably dictates that the programs must be sorted which is something that so far I've managed to not do, but this method would certainly instill some more confidence in me that the selection process wasn't fatally flawed.

  • Genetic operators for terminals - Libevocosm uses a real number evolver which allows crossover and mutation on real number terminals. Currently in charlemagne there is only spontaneous creation of real numbers through general mutation through the special terminal CONSTANT-SYNTHESIS.

  • Interactive help mode

  • Interactive lisp mode

  • Clean error checking, Ctrl-C stopping

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