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================== Charlemagne README ==================

:Web site: :Project page: :Author: Bob Green :Email: bob underscore green at speakeasy dot net

------- License -------

Charlemagne is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Please see the file LICENSE.txt or for more information.

------------ Installation ------------

Linux ----- To install from source tarball to the default place, execute:

    $ python install

See the Distutils documentation for many command-line options as to installation locations, etc.

Windows (or lack thereof) ------------------------- It turns out there's a little more to getting it running on Windows then I initially realized. I am using W. Michael Petullo's PipeDream module for low-level pipe communications with the lisp interpreter relies on os.fork() which is not available on Windows. It's on the TODO come up with an alternate implementation of this. Once this is corrected, there will be a .exe installer for Windows.

------------- Documentation -------------

To browse documentation from the command-line:

    $ charlemagne MANUAL

To browse the documentation from an interactive session:

    >>> help(manual)

Incidently, you can few this readme at any time with:

    $ charlemagne README

Or, from within an interactive charlemagne session:

    >>> help(readme)

Table of Contents

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